Why European Countries Made the Schengen Agreement

The Schengen Agreement is a historic agreement among European nations that has dramatically changed the way people travel across the continent. It was signed in the Schengen town of Luxembourg in 1985, and has since been extended to include the majority of the European Union countries. This agreement eliminated border controls between participating countries, allowing citizens of these countries to travel freely across borders with only an identification card.

But why did European countries decide to adopt the Schengen Agreement? Here are some of the key reasons why this agreement was made:

1. To Promote Economic Growth: One of the primary reasons why European countries adopted the Schengen Agreement was to promote economic growth. By eliminating border controls, it became easier for people to travel between countries, which encouraged the growth of trade and tourism. This in turn has helped to boost the economies of countries in the Schengen zone.

2. To Strengthen Europe`s Identity: Another key objective of the Schengen Agreement was to strengthen Europe`s identity as a unified entity. By eliminating national borders and allowing people to move freely between countries, the Schengen zone has created a sense of unity among participating countries.

3. To Facilitate Travel: Prior to the Schengen Agreement, traveling between countries in Europe could be a tedious and time-consuming process, as travelers had to go through border controls, passport checks, and customs inspections. By eliminating these barriers, the Schengen Agreement has made travel much easier and more convenient for people across Europe.

4. To Promote Security: Although the Schengen Agreement has eliminated border checks, it has also introduced new measures to promote security. For example, participating countries now share intelligence and cooperate on cross-border crime prevention to ensure the safety of their citizens.

In conclusion, the Schengen Agreement has brought about significant changes to the way people travel across Europe. By eliminating border controls and promoting economic growth, the Schengen zone has become a symbol of European unity and cooperation. With the benefits of free movement, economic growth, and increased security, it`s clear why European countries decided to make the Schengen Agreement.

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